Small Business Advisory Services in Vancouver, BC

Businesses of all sizes in Canada sometimes need outside help to address many different issues that can arise. At Ensight Cloud CPA, we offer small business advisory services to companies of all sizes, including businesses that are just starting and established firms. Our accountants and specialists help businesses to scale up, increase productivity and revenues, reduce losses, and globalize.

We can help you choose the right legal entity structure and assist your business with its growth. Our small business advisory services are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

What Are Business Advisory Services?

Business advisory services are services that are provided by accountants, business coaches, and mentors. These services are focused on creating and implementing strategies to encourage business success and growth. Through our small business advisory services, we evaluate previous trends and combine them with forecasts to help you to understand the path of your business. To provide better help, we will ask in-depth questions to understand your business.

Our services allow you to make your business stand apart from companies that use traditional tax and compliance services. Thanks to technological advances, it is no longer necessary to spend hours performing administrative tasks.

The business advisory team at Ensight Cloud CPA creates tailored, comprehensive, and innovative solutions for our corporate clients’ needs. Our services bring increased focus on your business’s value through a broad range of competencies and advisory services. Our services help our clients to manage the challenges that they face in their businesses, including the following:

  • Resourcing and outsourcing of finance functions
  • Accounting advisory services
  • Liaison services for startups
  • Real estate advisory services
  • Risk advisory
  • Strategy and operations
  • Tax advisory services
  • Planning for

The capabilities of our small business advisor enable our clients to benefit from our knowledge of the issues in various industries and our technical expertise, allowing them to focus on meeting their businesses’ more pressing needs. We have in-depth business and compliance knowledge. Our professionals assist businesses at all points of the business lifecycle to help them to emerge as smarter and stronger companies.

Users can access their applications remotely via the internet. This frees companies from needing to install software on their office computers and allows employees in branch offices access to important financial information when they need it. This type of accounting also involves data backup and allows for disaster recovery, helping to protect the business’s accounting information.

Resourcing And Outsourcing Of Finance Functions

Ensight Cloud CPA has substantial experience and knowledge about the provision of accounting services to businesses in British Columbia and multinational companies in numerous industries of all sizes. Our services provide you with a broad range of accounting services, including solutions to ensure compliance with the tax, accounting, and regulatory requirements for your business. We are committed to exceeding your company’s requirements. Some of our finance function services include the following:

  • Counts of fixed assets, inventory, and cash
  • Performing supporting roles as accountants, bookkeepers, or controllers
  • Identifying control gaps
  • Training

We can train your finance staff in the preparation of financial statements that comply with accounting standards, the preparation of monthly accounts for reporting and management, and other functions. We are also able to help with your forecasts and budgets and with the preparation of cash flow statements. Our advisory team can help with the preparation of corporate tax returns and tax computations.

Accounting in the cloud works similarly to other cloud-based business functions. Instead of storing financial information on a hard drive, businesses store the data online in a secure, cloud-based account. This helps to keep the information stored in an accessible way while remaining secure. The company’s accounting professionals can log in remotely to perform accounting services from their locations without having to travel to the business to go through paper documents. Cloud-based accounting allows accountants to complete their work and to deliver it quickly, allowing companies to keep on top of their financials at all times.

Accounting Advisory Services

Ensight Cloud CPA can offer support to your company in the preparation of financial statements and accounting schedules, leading to enhanced efficiency and better reporting. Today, there is more scrutiny from regulators, investors, and other stakeholders. This means that many corporate finance teams struggle to meet increased expectations. They might also face strict deadlines while trying to manage a heavy workload without sufficient resources. When corporate finance teams work to prepare financial statements, they often face the following types of challenges:

  • Insufficient number of qualified accounting professionals for completing reliable financial reports
  • Difficulty with compliance requirements
  • Inconsistent compliance with accounting standards
  • Being distracted away from core operational tasks

With our help, you can produce reliable financial statements. We have extensive experience with audits and understand how to proactively avoid problems that might otherwise arise. We also can help to mitigate problems that have already occurred and communicate with auditors on your company’s behalf. We have technical expertise in the reporting requirements in British Columbia and Canada and undergo continuing education to remain at the forefront of reporting standards and issues that can arise. We can help your business to develop a transparent and simple financial statement template that complies with the reporting standards and that is easy to use within your company. We can work with your organization’s management during audits and can guide your finance staff when it is needed to help them to increase the efficiency of reporting. We can perform a technical review before your financial reports are finalized and offer more efficient reporting processes at the year’s end. Finally, we can help to ensure that your reporting is compliant and consistent within the required time frames.

Our accounting advisory services also include the preparation of accounting schedules. Many businesses have trouble securing competent and sufficient accounting resources. This can occur when a business’s finance team has to spend too much time performing compilation tasks and preparing accounting schedules. For management teams, the preparation of accounting schedules can be laborious and can distract them away from the core operations of their businesses. Many companies struggle to identify and source the supporting documents to meet the deadlines. Companies can benefit from having an unbiased and independent party that can handle confidential or sensitive financial information to provide guidance. Many business owners lack an understanding of accounting journals and standards as well as complex transactions.

Ensight Cloud CPA can help your business with compiling and preparing its accounting schedules. With the help of our experienced accounting professionals, the disruptions of your business’s day-to-day operations can be minimized. Your company can leverage the in-depth accounting knowledge that our business advisory team possesses to support your finance and management team in multiple ways. We can assist you with the preparation of schedules and information that are required by the Canada Revenue Agency, including retrieving accounting records from past years. We can also help with prior year adjustments when they are required.

In its beginning, cloud-based accounting was largely the province of large companies. Beginning in the late 2000s, however, new players began to emerge with targeted solutions for small businesses. This made cloud-based accounting more affordable and accessible for small businesses and allowed the accounting industry to assume a new role.

During the 2010s, the growth of cloud-based accounting has accelerated. It is no longer reserved for large companies and C-suite executives. Instead, cloud-based accounting is understandable, affordable, and accessible to all types of businesses and business owners. Accounting in the cloud brings a human touch to accounting and helps to make the lives of small business owners easier. With this type of accounting, business owners are now able to attend to the many tasks that they have with operating their businesses while allowing their accounting professionals to manage their accounting practices from afar.

The growth of cloud-based accounting has been facilitated by the explosion of mobile technology. Business owners can access their accounting information from their smartphones and tablets to quickly check on the status of their companies from anywhere.

Real Estate Advisory Services

Real estate is an important industry group within British Columbia and throughout Canada. We work with many clients in the real estate industry, including developers, real estate owners, mortgage brokers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders. We offer customized real estate advisory services that are delivery-oriented, including tax compliance, audits, and small business consulting, and risk consulting.

We also can help to calculate the net asset value of your real estate investments and help to ensure that you comply with the regulatory requirements. We can help to prepare specific types of reports about rents, occupancy rates, and the operating costs of your properties. We can help you to determine the correct cost allocation to achieve optimum tax efficiency.

Risk Advisory Services

Businesses of all sizes face risks that must be managed carefully and proactively every day. Our risk advisory services offer cost-effective and innovative solutions that help you to identify risks and to take proactive measures to prevent them. We work to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business so that you can increase your revenues while reducing your costs. We are attentive and responsive to our clients, and we customize solutions to meet your individual business needs. Our risk advisory services include the following:

  • Internal audits
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Compliance, risk, and governance
  • Review services for independent projects
  • Technology and security

We can help your business to develop assurance solutions that will match your resources and needs.

Strategy And Operations

The business environment is dynamic, making the development and implementation of a long-term business strategy essential to power growth. To link your business’s vision to your strategy requires a substantial amount of planning. You will need to gather important information, set benchmarks, and complete in-depth analyses. If you are weak in one of these areas, it can make it difficult for your business to move forward with your most important projects.

Ensight Cloud CPA offers our clients a full panoply of services to help them navigate through transitions and to build growth and success. We can review your strategies and your decision-making processes to help you to make your strategies operational. WE can help you to ensure that you have the resources that you need to implement your initiatives. At every stage, we work to strengthen your success by offering guidance about best practices.

We are able to provide help in the following areas:

  • Business planning
  • Corporate governance
  • Performance management
  • Economic development
  • Efficient operations

Tax Advisory Services For Businesses

In today’s complex tax environment, it can be difficult for businesses to sucessfully navigate their corporate tax obligations. As experienced tax professionals, we understand the unique tax concerns that corporations have. We stay current with the tax laws, tax technologies, and tax processes and how they can impact your business operations and strategic decisions so that you can achieve better tax results.

Our comprehensive tax services for businesses are beneficial for all companies and tax departments. They are especially helpful to companies that anticipate undergoing changes or that have recently experienced them, including the following:

  • Changes in leadership
  • Introductions of technology
  • Major regulatory adjustments
  • Expansion into new services or markets
  • Changes in business operations

When your business is successful, it can make your tax picture more complex. We can help you to simplify the process. We are also able to identify different credits and deductions for which your business might qualify so that you can make adjustments to take full advantage of them. We can review your financial statements to identify areas in which change is warranted so that you can benefit from improved tax results. Our tax advisory services can also help you to avoid making critical errors that could be potentially costly and help you to avoid audits and penalties.

The business tax specialists at Ensight Cloud CPA work to identify and streamline strong approaches to your corporate tax situation. We can help you with all of the following issues:

  • Advice about income tax accounting
  • Advice for selecting tax technology and optimization
  • Improvement of workflow and process
  • Corporate tax advisory services
  • Integrated personal and corporate tax planning
  • Complying with taxes across jurisdictions, including provincial, federal, and international corporate taxes

Planning For Change

Today’s businesses face constant change. Because of slower economic growth, many business leaders are expected to do more with less by implementing technologies and increasing the efficiency of their operations.

Change can be challenging for businesses because it can impact processes, people, data, and technology. Through the identification of areas in which change is needed, organizations can ensure that they undergo successful transformations. A good transformation strategy should balance barriers and ambition.

We work to help our corporate clients to transform their companies by providing results-driven, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions. We can help you to change how you deliver services and programs or help you to manage your change initiatives so that your business can achieve your strategic objectives. We use our knowledge of best practices combined with our industry knowledge to help our clients.

Ensight Cloud CPA offers guidance at all stages of a business’s transformation to help the business to enjoy a good return on its investment. We build strong relationships with our clients so that we can understand their organizational requirements. We use our knowledge to engage employees so that the change is effectively delivered. We also help with change management to increase stakeholder buy-in so that business changes will stick. This is important because many people are resistant to change. Engaging people within your organization so that they understand why changes are occurring and how they can benefit from them can help.

Get Help From Ensight Cloud CPA

Securing good small business advisory services in Vancouver can help your business to achieve the success that you envision.

Our accounting and tax professionals have a broad knowledge base of issues faced by businesses of all sizes, industries, and complexities. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so that you can learn more about the help that we can offer.