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Companies and individuals alike require professional help with their income tax returns and other accounting needs. Businesses of all sizes and types in British Columbia rely on the experience, insight, accessibility, and professionalism of the CPAs and bookkeeping staff at our firm in Vancouver, B.C.

We help individuals with their personal income tax returns and provide a variety of services for our business clients. We have built our practice on a hands-on and partner-led approach, tailoring it to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our firm offers accounting and tax filing services for individuals and businesses. Clients can bring their documents into our office or allow us to help them to set up cloud accounting for seamless accounting and financial reporting via the internet regardless of where you are located.

We offer expertise in multiple areas, including bookkeeping, payroll, corporate income tax, personal income tax, SR&ED, valuation, advisory services, property tax, GST, PST, and financial statements. We also assist businesses with choosing the appropriate legal structure for their businesses. Our CPAs have a deep understanding of the various financial and tax issues that individuals and businesses encounter in British Columbia, and we work with companies in many different industries.

When you partner with the accounting and bookkeeping professionals at our firm, you can feel confident about the accuracy of your tax returns and financial reports. We can make certain that your payroll is handled correctly and that the proper deductions are made from the paychecks of your employees. By working with us, you can avoid making potentially costly errors that could result in violations and penalties.

We also help our clients to ensure that they meet all deadlines for their tax obligations. Business owners can rely on our financial statements so that they can understand how their companies are doing at any given time. Our financial reports help to keep the financial information up-to-date and accurate, allowing business owners to make informed decisions about the steps that they need to take.

Working with our CPA firm allows individuals and businesses to avoid having to deal with their taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll. You can partner with our firm and allow us to handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs while you attend to operating your business or taking care of other important tasks.

Taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll can take up hours of your time every month. Without experience, education, and training, many people do not understand the correct way to perform accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Errors in your tax returns, payroll, and books can cause substantial harm. Mistakes can lead you to make poor financial decisions or potentially subject you to penalties.

Our firm is dedicated to our clients. We work closely together with every client to provide them with the highest-quality and most efficient accounting services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about the benefits that we can offer to you.


Bookkeeping Services at Ensight CPA

With bookkeeping services for your business, we help to keep your books up-to-date at all times. We generate accurate financial reports that allow you to understand how your business is doing. You can outsource your bookkeeping tasks to us to save money and to make certain that your information is accurate.

Payroll accounting services vancouver


Through our payroll services, we help clients to complete payroll for each pay period on time. We ensure that the correct amounts are withheld from your employees’ paychecks and submitted to the correct entities on time. We also prepare T4 slips for your employees so they can file their tax returns.

Financial statements services Vancouver

Financial Statements

Our CPAs help to prepare the financial statements for businesses of all sizes. The statements that we prepare can be relied on when you make business decisions and are accurate.

Tax Return services vancouver

Personal Income Tax (T1)

If you earn an income in British Columbia, you must file a personal income tax return each year by April 30. Our accounting professionals can prepare your returns and submit them on time. We can help you to make sure that you receive the deductions and credits to which you are entitled to maximize your tax savings.

Corporate Tax Return services vancouver

Corporate Tax (T2)

CCPCs and other types of corporations must stay on top of their tax obligations. Our CPAs have a depth of knowledge about the particular tax issues that are faced by corporations. We can prepare your corporate income tax return accurately and on time while ensuring that you receive the deductions and credits for which you are eligible.

GST Services Vancouver

General Sales Tax (GST)

The general sales tax must be collected and remitted to the Canada Revenue Agency by businesses that provide taxable services and goods. We can help you to ensure that you complete your GST returns correctly and submit the payments that you owe on time.

PST services vancouver

Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

The provincial sales tax helps to pay for services in the communities of British Columbia. We can help you to understand the rate that you must collect and make certain that it is submitted on time.

Property tax services

Property Tax

Our CPAs understand all of the types of property taxes that businesses and people must pay in British Columbia. We help clients to make certain that they meet the different deadlines for their property taxes and timely file appeals of assessments.

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At Ensight Cloud CPA, we offer business advisory services to companies of all sizes, including businesses that are just starting and established firms. Our accountants and specialists help businesses to scale up, increase productivity and revenues, reduce losses, and globalize.

Scientific research and Experimental development accounting services

Scientific Research & Experimental Development

The SR&ED tax incentive program incentivizes scientific research and development by companies in British Columbia and across Canada. If your activities qualify for the SR&ED program, we can help you to receive the tax benefits to which you are entitled.

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The future of accounting is in the cloud. Cloud accounting allows your business to submit your information to our firm no matter where you are located. We can then prepare your financial reports and statements and submit them to you quickly and efficiently.

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